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I had the pleasure of meeting up  with one hella talented up and coming musician last weekend. So this weekend, Loui Lvndn came to hang and talk creativity with me at the studio. Currently, Loui is creating art in any and all ways possible. He does not only write lyrics for his music, he also writes short stories and poems, he is a graphic designer and painter and he has a keen interest in photography. However, the main focus of our chat was the single Loui is about to debut entitled “Funnily“.

The lyrical content of the song “Funnily” is closely related to the metaphor in one of Loui’s previously released tracked entitled “Breathe”. Loui tells me that in his messages in these songs he is telling his audience the story about his experience with a place called “elsewhere”. This place is a town where all of the people are contaminated with a sickness which Loui descirbes as “fear of self”. The “fear of self” disease renders the towns people fake and flashy as they cannot focus on their true selves and so they distract themselves with material possessions and generic lifestyles. In the songs the people of elsewhere look at Loui “funnily” as he tries to show them that they can use their imaginations and escape the terrible town to become more in touch with their true selves. Reminds me a bit of a Dr Suess story, no?

As much as I love these lyrically themed lessons found in art, I digress. Although Loui has the theme of elsewhere running through two of his songs, his most recently released track “OMFG” is more lighthearted. All of his music is definitely the type of sound we all want when we are partying – so regardless of message the music is consistently fun. In addition to this, Loui creates some interesting artwork, seemingly aiming to be the provocateur in this sense.

In terms of his creativity, Loui says that he is “unfiltered by expectations” and that this is his life’s motto. I like this, and it shows through some of his work that you can check out on his blog – the lvng rm, where he is entirely unfiltered and organic. I enjoy the style of the content in this blog, as it eminates the eclecticism of the man himself while remaining composed in it’s layout.

In terms of influences, Loui tries his best to be as unaffected as possible. He says he does not watch TV as it is worse than Hitler. I agree, but can’t say that I am living that life because I still get sucked in to the ludicris entertainment of TV today. Truth be told, I expect this artist to blow up here in South Africa and potentially abroad too. The vibe to his sound is just too catchy and his flow and lyrical content is definitely original and unfiltered. You can check out Loui’s music on reverbnation here.


Le Meth : Coming up in the electronic dance music scene


Marc Woods (a.k.a Le Meth) is creating music which is original and professional. Electronic music producers are a dime a dozen, with so many cheap you-tube-tutorial amatuers regurgitating the same old beats and the same old sounds we’ve all heardmany times before. When it comes to DJs – as much as we don’t complain about hearing our favourite songs being shuffled through on their  itunes “top-40 hits now” playlist…it is only those who can play their mixes live and proud that gain true support and respect. It doesn’t even have to be an original mix, a mash up is fine, it’s just the element of mixing up live is what sells it to a crowd – well, that and the actual music of course.

The music Le Meth creates encompasses drum and bass, dubstep, popstep, psytrance, progressive, electro, tech and house sounds in original tracks and mashups.“The Whistle”, “Le Piano Relevant” and “Shake” are my favourite orignial songs by Le Meth, and I quite enjoy bopping to the mashup “Video Philospophy”. I asked Marc a bit about his music production and his creative process. What her told me was this: “It’s music that makes people want to move and stomp thier feet. I produce many styles of electronic dance music. It all depends on how I’m feeling when I’m in my studio – I could end up with a dope hip-hop beat or something funky like some house or electronica styles. I believe I am not limited to one genre of music.” To follow Le Meth on Twitter click here, and to check out his music on Soundcloud click here.

SpazaShop Boyz : SAs latest greatest rap duo


Signed under Sony/ATV Music Publishing with Jay Savage (Die Antwoord‘s main man), the SpazaShop Boyz are a rule-breaking, genre-bending pair of South African hip-hop musicians with a flare for the unusual. The group consists of Johnny Joburg and Charlie Mac – straight up balls-to-the-walls, energetic musicians who are true game changers in the SA urban music scene. On stage the SpazaShop Boyz don’t stop moving, hyping up audiences with their glowing persona’s, lyrical craftsmanship and unique sound. The magic happens at Post Office Productions – an up-and-coming indie music and graphics studio – with producers Francis Muller, Marc Woods and guest producer Six in a style completely original and daring. Culminating influences from a variety of genres including hip-hop, rock and roll and electronic dance music the SpazaShop Boyz will be releasing their highly anticipated debut album ‘Popular Science’ at the end of July 2012.

Working with their producers on unrelated business, I have been one of few fortunate enough to hear the album pre-release, so I can vouch for these guys – this music is HOT. Their debut single ‘Rehab Tony’ was released earlier this year, with an impressive music video directed by Ollie Nhlabatsi that propelled them into the spot-light on MTV Base and in Rolling Stone Magazine SA – with chart topping reviews. The black and white music video features scenes including: a sangoma (African witch doctor) throwing bones to read their future; a strung out Charlie Mac in a hospital gown clenching a giant bag of pills and hanging onto a drip; a chorus performed from inside a pair of coffins; Johnny Joburg in an army get-up parading around weaponry; and the pair hanging out in a Zulu-styled throne room kitted out with a stuffed lion and animal hides to boot. The eclecticism and confidence of their style is inspirational; as it is clear that these guys have created something totally new and are working hard to get to where they want to be in the industry.

The album features songs which range lyrically from story-telling, to affirmations, to bragging rights that any note-worthy rappers are entirely entitled to. My personal favourite line has to be “I killed a Saber Tooth Tiger, I got Saber Tooth fiber/black and white my stripes are/Gucci boots I slide up/I’m hot all year, 365 degrees – I light up” from the song entitled “Light Up”. This song makes me want to jump – the beat is enchanting and the lyrics are pure fun, making it a sure fire party starter. The rest of the album is just as exciting, but tracks like “Obey” and “More Money” get a little bit more sinister sounding with a different type of energy (which reminds me of those 3am club moments where remaining party-goers decide it’s best to revive the vibe by head-banging into the dawning sunlight). The energy and momentarily surprising genre twists throughout the album are incredibly interesting to listen to, and one cannot help but get pulled in to the aura of the music – which seems to pulsate in a magnetic sort of way. Johnny Joburg recently teamed up with renowned photographer Leroy Jason for a shoot in the theme of “Messenger from above”. Besides showing off the skill of the photographer himself, the shoot displays a side of the artist which is not particularly in the foreground of the group’s musical expression. These photographs show that art is central to his personal identity, which is great to report on from the standing-point that this blog is all for creators of any kind.

This musical outfit is definitely a must-see live, and I strongly suggest keeping an eye out for the release of Popular Science later this month – trust me, you don’t want to miss this. To listen to a mix of their tracks on Sound Cloud click here. You can also catch the SpazaShop Boyz on Facebook (click here) or Twitter (click here). I am personally very excited to see what becomes of this creative team.

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