SA Tweets for Sweets


Guerilla marketing has been on the up and up in South Africa in 2012, especially when it comes to reward-based social media strategies. We have seen this with campaigns like the Bos Ice TeaTweet for Tea’ product sample vending machine installation (by Cow Africa, Thingking and RAAK) at the Cape Town Design Indaba, or the Exclusive Books social media driven discount rewards campaign. ‘Tweet for Tea’ involves the tweeter receiving a product sample from the machine as soon as they tweet using the hash-tag for the product. Exclusives ‘Stickers’ are handed out as discount rewards for rating their products and sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Most recently, Toyota has launched it’s new model, the Etios, with the pay-off line “Here to make you smile”. To stick true to this brand promise, advertising agency DraftFCB and Thingking created a tweet-triggered gum-ball machine pop-up installation which truly makes people smile. The tweeter tweets using the product hash-tag and a unique pin and the machine is sprung into action – and by action, I mean serious action. The gumball is released and taken through a series of wacky obstacles for about a minute before reaching the smiling tweeter. As a result, the consumer is completely captivated by the brand for a bit more than a fleeting moment – experiencing something totally novel and memorable.

These campaigns are brilliant, in my opinion. The integration of digital and mechanical, the guerilla tactics, the customer engagement, the sheer creative genius and the pure fun of it all makes these campaigns mouth-watering ideas in the eyes of a strategist – and definitely brings a smile to customers. The only question now is what will competitors and other brands do to trump these ideas? Will we be seeing cheap imitations or sparks of unique creativity?


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